Andrew Scott BELL (USA)

Andrew Scott Bell has been writing original music for films and commercial media for over five years. His music has brought life to two dozen short and feature films, including: Audience of One (starring Taylor Gray from Star Wars Rebels and Spencer Daniels fromThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button), and The Last Punch (directed by 14 time Emmy award winner, Jesse Vaughan).

Each instrument brings a unique emotional quality to a film’s score. For that reason, Andrew loves to use live instruments whenever possible. He plays the piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, and ukulele. Most recently, Andrew is learning to play the accordion (his neighbours are thrilled).

Andrew’s scores incorporate a broad range of genres including orchestral, synth/electronic, rock/alternative, and even world music. No matter what genre or style is called for, Andrew strives to tap into the emotions of a film with carefully crafted music.

Andrew is insightful and dedicated to his craft. He approaches projects with a willingness to listen, and remains open to input and direction each step of the way.”     – Heather Waters, Director.

Andrew would interpret some sequences beyond what I could verbalise. I was always excited to hear the next cue. I was usually blown away”. – Ronet VD Walt, Producer/Editor.

Andrew is quick to adapt to new changes, and seems to easily grasp exactly what you’re looking for. It’s an innate ability that not many composers have, but he does.”– Nathan White, Director.

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