Not another same ol’ biog please.

Here’s the transcript of a Website Interview with Jonny Round which is much more fun and will hopefully give an insight into the man behind the music.

LJ:   What’s the most inspirational film score by composer (living or dead) and why?
JR: The Adventures of Robin Hoods (1938) score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. If it hadnt been for scoring the film, Korngold an Austro-Hungarian Jew, would quite probably of been killed by the Nazis. Robin Hood saved his life! Doesnt get more inspirational than that.

LJ:   Which five films would you take to a desert island?
JR:The Matrix, The Lion King, Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Les Miserables mainly so I could run around the island singing Do You Hear The People Sing by myself.

 LJ: Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman?
JR: Hans Zimmer

LJWhich musical instrument couldn’t you live without in a score?
JR: Cello – its where all the soul comes from.

LJ:   Luckiest break to date?
JR:  I managed to get a gig scoring a film recently staring Patrick Lyster who features heavily in one of my favorite shows at the moment Black Sails. Was a pretty cool moment for me.

LJ:  Trapped in a lift with Ridley Scott for 2 mins. What do you say?   JR: Ok I know someone who claims theyre friends with Ridley Scott, so Id have to ask him if he knows my friend blah-blah (Ive removed his name out of decency) just to see if hes been bull-shitting all this time.

LJ:  What’s your favourite adaptation of a book to the small screen?
JR:  Without doubt Game of  Thrones.

LJ:  Martin Scorsese or Alfred Hitchcock?
JR:  Hitchcock

LJ:  Which film would you most like to re-score?   JR:  Thats a toughy as I feel once a films been released its hard to separate the film score from the film itself as the two things are so intertwined. There is only like one scene that springs to mind recently where Ive even thought, I would probably of done something differently and that was in Man of Steel. There was a moment when Superman had been punching a laser beam for about 5 minutes (which says everything you need to know about Man of Steel) and he looked up and the special effects team sort of morphed Christopher Reeves face with Henry Cavills as like a mark of respect/wink wink/easter egg, and how Hans managed to not have a trumpet or a horn play the John Williams Superman theme at that moment is beyond me. I was screaming on the inside just like aaaargh play it! Its like Bond killing someone and not making a pun, it just felt like something was missing. But I understand his whole score was about a fresh approach and throwing in that theme would of compromised the integrity of what he was doing. Id of so thrown it in there though, take from that what you will.

 LJ:  Describe your film-scoring signature style.
JR:  Modern production values with a very human emotionality.

LJ:  Do you have awards and if so what are they?
JR:  I once won best artist. When I was 12. For drawing. Some awards for music as well, but thats the one Im still most proud of.

LJ:  Where do you live and what’s your nationality – important for co-productions
JR:  London and British

LJ:  Sitting next to Guy Ritchie on a plane. What do you say?
JR:  Whod win in a fight, Jason Statham, Mark Strong or Vinnie Jones? Then Id probably ask if I could write some cues for his next project.

LJ:  Programmer or dots on a page?  JR:  Depends on the film and the type of music thats needed! I always like mixing it up project to project if Im honest, keeps me on my toes musically and kind of makes sure Im still learning new ways of creating music! Ive become more of a programmer recently, but thats more to do with the projects Ive been working on more than it being a preference.

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