Mote (meaning a speck of dust in the sunlight, a bit of fluff, a speckle of gold in the prospector’s pan), was born in England and lives in London.  A graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music, although he has only been a professional composer for just under a year, he has already established strong relationships with a number of directors and the games sector.

He has very quickly built up his credits which include the indie film Samantha, an indie online game featured on Google’s ‘Chrome Experiments’ called Ironbane and the feature The Attachment, due for release in 2014.


Mote is simply the most talented composer I have come across. Having created a few films, as a director, I have tried a fair number of musicians to assist in scoring. Mote is a director’s dream and is destined for greatness.. seriously! He will be a John Williams or Hans Zimmer.

I can honestly say he has been the only one to date I have come across who has understood cinematic, thematic qualities required in a feature. More importantly he is able to converse with a director. He is a musician who listens, and doesn’t push any potential limitations onto his challenge, but always tries to surpass and achieve what is asked.

He is lush with ideas, patient, and is a pleasure to work with. The resulting track does not sound like the stuff of shorts or student films, but much grander pieces that would not be out of place in the theatres on major Hollywood productions. Thank you Mote. I am indebted!
Clement Ofoedu, Director