The fun bit:

1  Who’s your most inspirational film score by composer (living or dead) and why?  Swan Lake (1981 animation) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Because it was the first time I noticed music in a film and it made such an impact on me that I was watching it every day and I started learning about classical music through it .
2  5 films you’d take to a desert island? Edward Scissorhands; Robin Hood: Men in Tights; Dark Knight; Les Miserables – 2012; Braveheart
3  Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman? Or Chris Martinez? Why? All of them. You can’t choose one of three delicious deserts, you want all of them.
4  Which musical instrument couldn’t you live without in a score and why?  Cello – Because it is versatile and can be in many different types of score, plus it is my favourite instrument.
5  Luckiest break to date?  Coming to the UK… a new world full of possibilities
 6  Trapped in a lift with Ridley Scott for 2 mins. What do you say? Ok we must not panic, we have a director/producer and a composer… if only we had a camera and the short film would be ready
7  Favourite adaptation of a book to the small screen? And the big screen?  Small screen: Game of Thrones    Big screen:Lord of the Rings
8  Martin Scorsese or Alfred Hitchcock?  Alfred Hitchcock
9  Film most like to re-score?  The Da Vinci Code
10 Describe your film-scoring signature style  Orchestral with electronic elements
 11 Do you have awards and if so what are they  Not yet!
12  Where do you live and what’s your nationality? I live in Reading UK and my nationality is Greek
 13  Sitting next to Guy Ritchie on a plane. What do you say? Hello…
 14  Programmer or dots on a page?  More of a programmer than dots on a page, but both if necessary
 15  And finally ……….. why do/did you want to be a film composer?  It is the perfect marriage of two of the most beloved things in my life music and films.

And the serious bit:  George was born in Athens, Greece in 1985.  He started taking piano lessons at 10 and later when he finished high school he started to take guitar lessons and in theory of music. He graduated with a degree in “Special Harmony” from the National Conservatory of Athens.   From 2005 to 2011 he became well known in Greece for working as a guitarist with many famous Greek artistes and in 2014 he started to compose his own music which he describes as Orchestral/Hybrid and so began his career as a film composer. In his debut year he composed the music for an Australian short film called “The Army Within” and later on the same year he was credited as “Additional Music” in the features “Set Me Free” and “The Last Wolf of Ezo”. In 2015 he scored the short film “The End”, and the journey carries on…

“We are excited to have George on board. He’s an extremely talented musician and composer and we all know mood is decided by the score. We love your work George.” – Darren P. Faulkner (Creator of “Tha Crate” and “The Forsaken Few”)

“A big thank you to my good friend and master composer George Kalyvas.” – Andy Sutton (Director of “The Army Within”)

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