Pete studied music from the age of 10 and since graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 2001 he has been working full time as a composer and sound designer. He has built an impressive range of credits, from feature films through to site-based installations.

Recent projects include Flight of The Pompadour (screened in the 2012 London Film Festival and 2013 Berlinarle film festival) and a short commercial film for global sports brand brand Puma in collaboration with advertising agency Droga 5 in New York.

He comes with a passion for all things ‘Brazil’ and his music tastes are varied, with a simultaneous love of Daniel Lanois’s pedal steel, Mark Murphy’s jazz vocals, Yann Tiersan’s accordion, Jorge Ben’s crazy, Thomas Newman’s hushed orchestration and a splash of Debussy.

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“Pete Jones is an artist who has that rare ability to not only compose both elaborate and simple emotive scores, but he also understands story and character, and how to get the most out of the underlying themes and objectives in each scene.”
David Barker, Director

“I’ve worked with Pete twice.  Both occasions have been a joy, a truly collaborative and intuitive composer who’s not scared to explore genres or styles outside of his comfort zone.  His knowledge of music is vast and he’s pretty funny too, that helps.”
Karan Khandari, Director


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