Paul started composing music at school, read music at Cambridge University and was Musical Director of the Cambridge Footlights.  After a successful first career he is now pursuing a second career as a film composer. He has built a recording studio at his home in Islington and is fully committed to achieving his musical ambitions.

Paul’s first feature film, A Reason To Leave, won Best Original Score at the London International Filmmakers’ Festival in February 2017.  Written and directed by Norman Gregory, the film has won numerous other awards including Best Film and Best Director.  In addition Paul has scored 16 shorts, several for RADA Films.   He has also worked with companies such as Crossday, Kudos, Unreasonable Productions and Left Bank.

Paul’s music reflects his classical training but is diverse in style and he is equally at home recording live musicians as he is creating computer generated sounds.  The relationship between music, narrative and images preoccupies him.

In his spare time Paul has for many years been a member of the London Philharmonic Choir affording him the opportunity to perform at the highest level under world renowned conductors.

     Testimonial from Norman Gregory, Unreasonable Productions, Director of Reason To Leave

One of my many challenges during post production of my feature film A Reason to Leave was to find a composer who could bring the film to the next level. After interviewing a number of composers, Paul Fincham was recommended to me. Following a meeting at his studio I was convinced that I had found my composer. We collaborated closely and the end result was beyond what I had hoped. The film has won six major awards including Best Original Score. Many thanks to Paul for his contribution.

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