Pete established an interest in music and audio at the age of 7 when he discovered the piano and remembers falling instantly in love with all of the sounds and dynamics that it produced. With that seed set, it was to be 3 years before a fascination with keyboards and synthesisers took hold, citing Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene and Equinox albums as initial catalysts.

At 17 he became a member of the band Mandrake, playing original songs heavily influenced by Rush and Marillion, with some good old fashioned rock covers thrown in for good measure.

During the early 90’s when many bands struggled to resist the onslaught of Grunge and its ‘do or die attitude’, new and exciting avenues were explored. With the rock bias in full swing, a developing technical knowledge and expanding arsenal of keyboards, sound modules and sequencers, branched deeper into electronic music, seeking underground club influences and ambient music.

With a new band in tow and working alongside some of the most talented musicians in the South Wales area, he developed a unique sound by fusing Dark Ambience with Progressive Rock, and with great effect. This fusion led to numerous recordings in several recording studios and live environments around the U.K. The highlight of this period was recording at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, where recordings were aired on the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show back in 1992.

In 2000, Pete took the natural next steps, and after 8 years, left the live music scene to pursue an increasing desire to dive further into emerging production technologies. He set up Jamyama Studios in 2010 where he provides services for moving picture including custom scoring, film trailers, sonic branding, sound design, audio clean-up and repair.

The studio is well equipped with the latest, state of the art music and audio production technology, utilising the latest software models of legacy and modern hardware, not to mention the use of in-house proprietary soundware. Coupled with some of the most advanced synthesis, sampling and hybrid tools available, Pete strives to ensure that creativity at Jamyama Studios remains a potent mix. Cutting edge creative tools and rapid, seemingly transparent workflow allows the versatility to explore any possibility.

Discovery and progression remains paramount and he loves nothing better than to pull things apart, mix it all up and experiment. He continues to cultivate deep interest in other styles such as Ambient, Electronica, Acoustic, Neo Classical, Ethnic and New Age.

Pete’s mission is to help captivate audiences by creating emotive, startling and influential scores whilst maintaining a certain aesthetic.

Pete is a member of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA)

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