Keith’s musical background comes from writing, recording and touring as lead guitarist with many major artistes through the last three decades. He has composed original music for a number of British films including Tubetales, Heartlands and Sixteen Years Of Alcohol, and collaborated on the indie, Among Giants and Ricky Gervais’s film Cemetery Junction.

He has also scored many factual documentaries, including the recently acclaimed The Enemy Within ; 50 Years of Fighting Cancer. He has written the music for many successful TV ad campaigns such as Rover cars, MasterCard , Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Keith’s composing style ranges from orchestral to rock and often a dynamic mix of the two.

Born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, he is the son of a big band jazz pianist and grew up under the influence of 60’s icons such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Fleetwood Mac and The Kinks. He and his brother, Tim, formed a band called ‘Child’ which went on to have three single chart hits and two albums.


“I’ve worked with Keith regularly for many years. His musical contribution to any production is always really well thought through, beautifully composed, produced and above all very ‘musical’. As well as being a great guitarist he really understands the process of delivering the best music as a composer, producer and arranger.”
Phil Critchlow – Founding Director TBI Media
TBI Team – 12 Nominations – 6 Sony Awards – New York Radio `Indie Of The Year´ 2013 Phil Critchlow – Founding Director TBI Media




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