Michael and Maryann TEDSTONE

Maryann and Michael Tedstone are a brother and sister composer duo based at at the Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre in Leicester. Maryann was classically trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Michael at the Alchemea College of Sound Engineering.

Writing under the name Manike, they first cut their teeth as composers writing for the Royal Shakespeare Company and then Big Life Publishing and Universal Music as songwriters.

Part of their uniqueness as writers is their recreation of historical melodies and music from far off places for a mainstream audience. Drawing upon sounds often unheard or forgotten they specialise in composing new works for the modern day. To this end they have written a number of historical music albums for use on Film and TV under the name The Orpheus Project. This includes a Roman and Greek album and King Richard III album which are both stocked in museums throughout the UK, a WW1 album and an album of Cinematic Arabic music which was written with guitarist Glenn Sharp.

Maryann and Michael have worked on many advertising  projects with their music being used by of Pepsi, Nike, Elephant Atta, Studio Universal and Barclays. Their music has also been featured on mainstream TV shows such as The Apprentice, The ONE Show, Bang Goes the Theory, BBC News and Sky News. Manike works with many corporate clients and has subsequently composed music on projects for Warner Bros. , Michelin and Alcatel-Lucent.

Maryann and Michael have written scores to short films that have been shown at Festivals internationally including The New York Film Festival, the London east end film festival and Berlin festival. These include three films exec. produced by Director Joe Wright plus Plagium which starred Jason Flemyng.

Website: www.manikemusic.com

Vimeo: vimeo.com/88058274


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