Tom is a composer/orchestrator/sound designer/musician who has been working on film & TV music since completing his Masters in Music in 2012. Thanks to the demands of eager production teams, Tom has dallied with almost every genre under the sun.  Years of performing in myriad different scenarios and musical genres combined with an open-minded approach to what it is that makes music musical has left Tom with an eclectic taste, yet an individual voice.  His ethos as a composer is that a good film score has people saying “oh wow, listen to that soundtrack”, but a great film score is one that goes unnoticed because it’s such an inherent part of the storytelling process.
To date, Tom has scored a dozen short films, a handful of features, and a variety of TV projects (Channel 5, Netflix, etc.). He has written the trailer music for an ultra-violent gangster movie, is about to embark upon scoring a love triangle thriller (complete with obligatory twists and turns), and is penning a collaborative and (hopefully) chart-topping Christmas single. Films include Castle Boulevard and Legacy, both for Coalescent Films; TV documentary series The Royals; Shaun Ryder on UFO’s and Brian Johnson:Cars That RockThe Man Who Doesn’t Breathe (two-part documentary) all for Back2Back Productions.
Tom loves writing themes, big melodies that are re-contextualised throughout the film, and having pivotal moments where various themes interlace and form a new section of music that really helps to tie the thematic elements together.

A review of Tom’s music for The Adding – “The musical score is impressive, particularly for its diversity. Some sound compositions create a ‘dark’ atmosphere around the drama, whilst others have a more friendly, childlike feel.”