Jeremy James HUNT

Jeremy James Hunt is a London-based composer of film and television soundtracks, as well as a concert music composer and classically trained pianist.

He has scored every short film by international award-winning director Jack Spring, and their collaborations have won numerous awards at film festivals and been broadcast on American and European television. Jeremy is currently scoring Spring’s debut feature film, Destination: Dewsbury, as well as a romantic comedy feature film by Bill Baggs, who is known for his BBV Doctor Who spin-off films starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

Other recent projects include writing library music, and having film music conducted by Peter Pejtsik and recorded by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra.

As a concert music composer, Jeremy has had works performed at some of the finest music venues in the UK, including the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall (Cardiff) and the Turner Sims Concert Hall (Southampton).

Destination: Dewsbury (Feature, 2017)
Sunrise: Love Again (Feature, 2017)
4 Men & Monica (Feature, 2017)
The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery (TV Series, 2016) Nails (Pilot Episode, 2016)
The Illusionist (Pilot Episode, 2015) Mr Greaves (Short, 2015)
Jason (Short, 2015)
Alfie (Short, 2015)
The Spectator (Short, 2014) The Question (Short, 2014)


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